Bow description
New laminated bow made with new materials, more flexible than the E-fiberglass. Very accurate and smooth to draw.
The base of the bow was made of maple wood. It is strengthened by 2 synthetic layers on both sides. The outer layers are whitish, transparent, the inner are brown. The siyahs were made of ash wood. Red leather cover on the handle. Polyester thread bandage. Particularly fast, accurate bow with long draw length. It can be drawn smoothly.
They have a very special design (see pictures), and when the string is not on the bow they form a real “C”, which will be bent in the other direction, and this provides quite dynamic attributes for theese bows
Bow specification Technical data
Total length:  49 1/4″
Length between siyahs:  37″
Strung length:  45 3/4″
Possible draw weight:  25-60#
Maximum draw length:  30″
Brace height:  18-18,2 cm
Bow weight:  318 gram
The bow  components composed of these kind of materials:
solid fibergalss 2 different layers + wood + leather

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