Base Recurve Bows

Starter bows for novice and experts archers alike. Efficient, reliable, accurate bows with low price.

Laminated Recurve Bows

Extremely fast brand new laminated bow technology. Recommended for intermediates.

Biocomposite Recurve Bows

Best new technology. Actually it combines the laminated bows with new materials.

What is the traditional recurve bow like compared to other types of bow?

Amazingly few people ask this crucial question. The are quite a lot of types of bows. I am trying to cover the main types here. The first bow in history is theself bow. It is basically a piece of bent wood with a string attached to both ends. The longbow (or American flatbow) is a quite similar apparatus – during all these years the materials and craftsmanship greatly evolved, while the engineering background remained the same.
The traditional energy-storing recurve reflex bow (the bows you find on this website) is an amazing engineering advancement compared to the longbow or flatbow. Both the materials used and the shape of the bow make it much more efficient. Efficiency means speed/weight ratio. Simply put, a recurve reflex shoots arrows faster at the same weight than a longbow or flatbow.

The modern recurve bow is quite the copy of the traditional one but it is made of space-age materials. Unlike the traditional recurve, here only the limbs of the bow bend. It also have several add-ons that make it easier to aim (e.g. the bow sight) and shoot even for beginners. Together with the compound bow (where drawing is aided by a levering system), which was developed in the 1960’s by Holless Wilbur Allen, they are considered by many archers the most advanced yet less fun bows, which require little to none skills to shoot. Sadly, the modern recurve bow was chosen by the Olympic Games management for archery events.


Base bows Laminated bows Biocomposite bows
What kind of arrows recommended to use ? bandage is the arrow bandage is the arrow bandage is the arrow
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What the pack contains ? bow, string, case bow, string, case bow, string, case
Whom we recommend ? beginners and hobby archers beginners and hobby archers, competitors beginners and hobby archers, competitiors

Longbow or recurve bow?


Todays’ Longbows and Recurve bows can be divided into 3-3 different groups. A, Longbows
1 / L ‘ Wooden Longbow (classical, straight)
2 / L ‘ Laminated Longbows (wood-fiberglassplates lamination , straight)
3 / L ‘ Sport Longbows (wood – fiberglassplates lamination, reflex-deflex shape, window, pistol handle)


Types of Recurve Bows


1 / R ‘ horn-sinew recurve bows (composite bows)
2 / R ‘ Fiberglass bows ( wood – fiberglass layering)
3 / R ‘ Sport recurve bows (wood – fiberglass layering, window, pistol handle)


If we compare a longbow and a recurve bow (1 / L  ‘ 1 / R) both made of classic materials and shapes, the recurve bow will surpass the longbow considering physical and other features. A Turkish bow made of natural materials and a Turkish bow made with fiberglass lamination have a very slight difference in speed. However, a Longbow made of wood and a recurve-decurve Longbow made with fiberglass lamination may have any extremely big difference in quality favouring the latter. Nowadays there are many longbows that are closer to recurve bows than longbows considering shape (3 /L). Besides these, nowadays longbows are made with composite technique that is fiberglass plates and wood are laminated onto each other. In this case there isn’t so much difference between a longbow and a recurve bow, but it is true that the recurve bows have better efficiency than the longbows. Though, it is very important that a sport longbow (3 / L) cannot be compared to a fiberglass recurve bow (2 / R), but only to the sport recurve bow (3 / R). So, it is also true that a Hungarian base bow can be compared to a fiberglass longbow if the latter doesn’t have a window. But the Hungarian base bow cannot be referred to as a hunting recurve bow because it doesn’t have either a window or a pistol handle.


Laminated or solid fiberglass bows?

Many people call the solid fiberglass bows as resin bows, but this word is improper. Taking such a bow apart it may seem to be made of only one piece of plastic plate that is of resin strengthened with some fiberglass. Despite that our simplest children bows are made of different fiberous materials impregnated in some adhesive materials and knitted and pressed in a pattern. Therefore these bows are called solid fiberglass bows. In our technology resin is present only as a glue. (if we glue together wooden parts with resin, we won’t call this thing a resin thing, but a wooden thing). Many people think that the laminated bows are better in every aspect than the solid fiberglass bow, but it is not true. We produce many different types of bows, with many technologies and these technologies are combined with each other. The most reliable bows can be produced in the base type. (it is not by chance that the limbs of the frequently used compound bows are made of solid fiberglass technology).


About Biocomposite laminated bows

New technology.  The bows made by this technology consist of the following materials: the middle layers of wood, the inner layer of pressed horn, while the outer layer of pressed sinew plate. These two layers are glued to the wooden plate by modern glue and the glued layer gets a fibre strengthening. Due to these biocomposite materials, the modern technology and materials these bows are faster than the simple laminated bows. They are appreciably soft, have long draw length and without any resonance when drawing. These bows give almost the same shooting experience than a hornbow and even their appearance is similar, although the biocomposite bows are flatter.

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