We are awaiting enquiries from clubs, shops and fans who are interested in the distribution of our traditional Hungarian, Mongolian, Turkish and Scythian recurve bows in their home countries. We supply carefully manufactured traditional Asiatic bows and accessories. We will help you choose your ideal products for your market. Our custom bows are manufactured in your desired draw weight and colors.

Grozer bow types
Base Recurve Bows

Starter bows for beginner archers. Useful, thrustable, accurate bows with low price.

Laminated Recurve Bows

Extremely fast brand new laminated bow technology. Recommended for intermediates.

Biocomposite Recurve Bows

Best new technology. Actually it combines the laminated bows with new materials.

Offers from our best products
Biocomposite Scythian recurve bow

Small bow, with a characteristic handle, without rigid tips. Sized according to original sizes. The outer layer is a pressed sinew plate, the inner layer is pressed horn, the middle layer is wood.

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Biocomposite Assyrian recurve bow

This triangular reflex bow has got a very graceful, fine shape which radiates swing. The outer layer is pressed sinew plate, the base of the entire bow is wood, while the inner layer is pressed horn.

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Biocomposite Turkish recurve bow

This is a really short bow, as a result very dynamic. Suitable for thumb release as well as three finger draw up to 32”, which makes it the longest draw Turkish available anywhere.

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